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Short Review about Game Kritika: The White Knights

Again, you have one of the interesting games that should be tried. Kritika: The White Knights is the name of the game. You can get this game and play it using your Android gadget. Here is some short review about this game. It will make you understand about the reason why this game is so famous. The user who downloads this game is always increasing. You will never feel bored playing this game. After you complete the download process then you can enjoy the game performance.

Kritika: The White Knights is the game made by gamevil. The gamevil produce this game special for smartphone users. This is the interesting 3D game that you can enjoy. This is the 3D game but it does not use a big internet connection and also for the RAM capacity. This game is friendly user and you can enjoy it freely. In playing this game, you can choose between two ways. You can play using your facebook account or using your HIVE account. After you decided the account then you can start to play this game.

When you want to play this game, firstly you have to choose the character. Do not forget to give a name for the character that you choose. You may check for the name because sometime other people already use the same name. You have to choose the only one name that no one have the same with yours. When you want to reach the good level of this game, you better make more than one character. When you have more character then you can have a time to collect the carat as many as you have your character. After that, you can also use your character to have battle season. For the battle system, you need to have minimum 3 characters as a group.

Do not doubt to exchange all of your character because it will help you to move to the next level that higher than now. You also need to login everyday to get special gift from the game. Do the daily quest to get the carat. When you want to get the win chance then you should upgrade your weapon. The purpose is to help you make your attack more powerful.

Some other tips when you play this Kritika:The White Knights game is do not stop trying. When you can have the better practice then it will make your skill higher. Do not be afraid to attack your enemy and spend some money because it will be very useful. You also do not need to push the attack bottom so many times. Just push it once and it will work well. Have a good power by combining many weapons to be the big one. You will have the strong and powerful one. When you do not have a gold or money then you have an option to sell your weapon. Do not be afraid to make some expectation of this game.

You also have to connect to your email because sometimes, the game will send some code and mission to your email address. Open it and try to fix the mission. The more you try then you will have the more experiences. Do not be afraid when you feel some difficult part because you will find your way to kill the entire enemy using your strategy. You need to make good strategy to reach the highest point. It will not become a difficult thing. Playing this game will push your adrenaline hormone. You can be so nervous but also so powerful in one same time. Just enjoy every step that you have to though all the part of this game.

Now, we will have the review about the hack tool of this Kritika:The White Knights game. This is so important to make you can get the kritika hack. The first step is entering your name on the website. After that, you can input the username and also the platform. You will find two options between the Android and iOs. You have to choose one of them then move to the enable encryption. You can make it into ON mode of OFF mode like the usual. After complete those three boxes then you have to click the connect bottom. It will need little bit process and you have to wait first.

When the account is already connected then you will find the Kritika Generator. The first step is to select your gold account. Just choose the total that you want. Then you can move to select the diamond account. Do the same step like before. Next, you have to generate it. Click on the generate buttom and wait for a while for the process. The process will take some time based on your internet connection speed. To get the kartika point then you have try to play all the level of the game.

After the generate process then you will have the human verification. It will take longer than the first one. You have to wait until it is done. In order to verify then you have to click verify button then choose the offering that you see then complete it. When the steps are complete then you have to restart the game. Just wait while the restarting process done and you can start to enjoy the game freely. Be careful with the kartika cheats that available around you. Just believe in yourself and play honestly with your own smart phone.

When you want to download this game, you have to make sure about your internet connection. If you do not have a good speed then it will make the process longer than it should be. It will also cause some bad trouble in the middle of downloading process. After download process done then you should install the game and make sure that it is available on your phone. When you can find it then you should do the same steps from the beginning again. Complete every regulation and it will make you easier to finish the game perfectly.

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